> I tend to use mainly the glossary for the 'New Introduction to Old
Norse' and occasionally the online Zoega.
> Do you think it's worth getting hold of a copy of Zoega? Is it
still about?
> I'm likely to be doing ON for two more years so I think it might be
> Any recommendations?

This online version of Zoega [ http://norse.ulver.com/ondict/zoega/ ]
has everything that's in my hardcopy (preface, paradigms and lists of
"irregular" forms). His dictionary was based on the bigger
Cleasby/Vigfússon [
]. Johann Fritzner's Ordbog over Det gamle norske Sprog (2nd. ed.
1886–96) doesn't have as many words as CV, but can still be useful for
comparing definitions, and for the examples of usage [
http://www.dok.hf.uio.no/perl/search/search.cgi?appid=86&tabid=1275 ].

For dictionaries of poetic language, see here [
http://www.septentrionalia.net/index.php ], especially Sveinbjörn
Egilsson and Finnur Jónsson, eds. Lexicon poeticum antiquæ linguæ
septentrionalis: ordbog over det norsk-islandske skjaldesprog. 2nd ed.
Copenhagen: Møller, 1931. I see that a PDF of Meissner's Kenningar der
Skalden has recently been added to the site; Septentrinalia gets
better all the time! Other important online poetry resources are
Eysteinn Björnsson's Jormungrund site [
http://www.hi.is/~eybjorn/ugm/ ] and Skaldic Poetry of the
Scandinavian Middel Ages [ http://www.skaldic.arts.usyd.edu.au/ ].

There's also some older dictionaries on Google books, namely Lexicon
Poeticum Antiquae Linguae Septentrionalis (Sveinbjörn Egilsson, 1860)
[ http://www.google.co.uk/books?id=RAwGAAAAQAAJ&printsec=titlepage ]
and Lexicon Islandico-Latino-Danicum (Björn Halldórsson, 1814) [
http://books.google.com/books?id=4xUGAAAAQAAJ&pg=PR1 ].

Where dictionaries of Old Norse are unclear, it can sometimes help to
consult a dictionary of Modern Icelandic: Icelandic Online Dictionary
(Sverrir Hólmarsson, J Tucker, C Sanders) [
]. There's another one here which requires subscription [
http://www.ordabok.is ].

For examples of usage, the Orðabók Háskólans has a couple of handy
databases. You can search selectively in medieval texts in the
Textasafn [ http://www.lexis.hi.is/corpus/leit.pl ], or look in the
Ritmálsskrá for examples from later Icelandic.

For Old Danish, there's Otto Kalkar's Ordbog til det ældre danske
sprog (1300-1700) [ http://www.hist.uib.no/kalkar/ ], and for Old
Swedish, K.F. Söderwall's Ordbok öfver Svenska Medeltids-språket and
C.J. Schlyter's Ordbok till Samlingen af Sweriges Gamla Lagar, both
searchable here [ http://spraakdata.gu.se/sdw/ ].

More links here [ http://www.oe.eclipse.co.uk/nom/norselinks.htm ] and
in the links section of the Norse Course yahoo group website.