Hi, Patricia,

Glad to be of help. Oh, I just realised, I missed out "all" from my

'við vosi öllu'
"with all the hardship from bad weather"

This is the dative singular of 'vos' = 'vás'. I've no idea what data
there might be on lifespans. One thing to watch out for with mean
lifespan statistics is that where a population suffers from high
infant mortality, the figures can give a misleading (and overly
pessimistic) impression of how long *someone who survived infancy*
could expect to live. So if you read that, say, life expectancy in a
given era was 30, it's worth checking what exactly is being estimated.

I could be wrong, but I'm guessing saga-age ideas of what counted as
"aged" weren't vastly different from our own, even if not so many
people made it that far...

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> THis makes sense LN - to see your translation - and in "Glorious
> Technicolor"
> There have been occasions when I find it less than actually easy to
> corrections
> to the text - but set forth like this it actually comes together
> I am troubled to define - advanced in years - how the Vikings saw
this we
> seem
> now to live longer I am wondering what may have been the life-span
of the
> average Viking if there were such a person.
> I saw that bit in Grace's and mine - we both stumbled over the vosi
- and
> when
> I have my next cup of coffee I am going to my CV and see what I can
> my
> problem is looking up a word - and if I find "something similar" I
> rationalize just a bit -
> not always wise.
> Thanks again LN I have a Print-Out
> Kveðja
> Patricia