I liked
E.A. Makaev, The Language of the Oldest Runic Inscriptions: A Linguistic and Historical-Philological Analysis, translated from the Russian by John Meredig in consultation with Elmer H. Antonsen. (Kungliga Vitterhets, Historie och Antikvitets Akademiens Handlingar, Filologisk-filosofiska serien 21.) Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell International, 1996. Pp. 137.


Some of the translator's other stuff looking interesting:

A Concise Grammar of the Older Runic Inscriptions. (Sprachstrukturen, A:3.) Tuebingen: Max Nie-meyer Verlag, 1975. Pp. xii+111.

Which I have not read.


I'd be curious to hear opinions on the first one.  I'm thinking of reading a little more widely on this.

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Hi Justin,

There are some paradigms in the Old Norse Online course [
], but they avoid reconstructions too, so there might not be any more
information here than you have already. There are a lot of
reconstructed paradigms for Proto-Norse, Germanic and Indo-European in
Fernández Álvarez: Antiguo Islandés: Historia y lengua. You might find
something of use in the archives of this Yahoo group [
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Theudiskon/ ], especially Konrad's
posts. He's done a lot of research into this.


Other books that might be of use to you:

Joseph B. Voyles: Early Germanic Grammar: Pre-, Proto-, and
Post-Germanic Languages

Hans Frode Nielsen: The Early Runic Language of Scandinavia.

Alexander Jóhanesson: Frumnorræn málfræði [
]. I'm not sure about the availability of this one; it might be hard
to track down...


--- In norse_course@yahoogroups.com, "chelagil3" <chelagil3@...> wrote:
> Not that I take the subject to be terribly unified or clear-cut to
> begin with, but I've always wanted to find a phonology/grammar of
> Proto-Norse that had some kind of cohesion and definity. Granted
> there are several stages of Proto-Norse (Proto-Norse, Late-Proto-
> Norse, and Viking-Age Norse) but the languages seem (as far as I can
> tell!!) relatively conservative within any one of these given
> stages...
> So are there any clean, clear grammars for Proto-Norse (or Late-Proto-
> Norse or Viking-Age Norse) out there? just something with the
> phonology, the attested-morphemes, and additional, RELIABLE
> reconstructions to flush out the rest of the paradigm.
> Thus far, I've used Gutenbrunner's Historische Laut- und Formenlehre
> des Altislaendischen and Krause's Die Sprache der Urnordischen
> Runeinschriften. Gutenbrunner seems to be as good as it gets, but
> even then, he only gives some of the paradigms and seems to shy away
> from reconstructions.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks, Justin (guy who reads all the messages shot back and forth
> but almost never posts himself).

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