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> Incidentally, have you seen, or used, Junicode?
> http://junicode.sourceforge.net/

I've just downloaded the latest version and will explore it as soon as
I get a chance. I've been using an older version from a few years
back which was pretty good and had lots of useful characters although
not quite everything I wanted!

> It can produce diplomatic edition of mideaval texts, and has almost
> any textual variant character one can imagine for Old English and
> Old Norse. Splendid. Unicode lack many things needed for mideaval
> scholarship of the western stripe, so the authors of Junicode came
> along and solved the problem, essentially. Best of all, it's free.
> It also contains a huge range of diacritics that can be attached to
> any character. Lastly, it has full runic alphabets for OE, ON and
> the continent.

And IPA and polytonic Greek...