Hauksbók has:

En[n] Eirikr syn[ir] þei[m] stormen[n]skv af ser i moti

...where the letters I've put in square brackets here (which the
edition prints in italics) represent expanded abbreviation marks. So
my guess is that 'sýni' is a typo after all! As you can see, where
letters are missing from the manuscript, the editors add them in round
brackets and often include a footnote.

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> Thanks LN for your comment on Gradely - I have an obsession with
> and that typo -
> Golly!! I did not think scribes did them, sitting in their
scriptoria, it is
> a scriptographical error -
> I.E. a Scripto then - I do the Typos around here.
> I shall not have Kompetition
> Patricia
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> Translation
> > En Eiríkur sýni mikla stórmennsku af sér í móti
> I think 'sýni' must be a typo. Other online texts have variously past
> or present tense:
> En Eiríkr sýnir þeim stórmennsku af sér í móti
> En Eiríkur sýndi mikla stórmennsku af sér í móti
> http://www.skolavefurinn
> lar/07/index_7.htm