Page 31 of the MM & HP (Penguin) - states
<<The Scribe of the Skálhóltsbok  had no such literary pretensions;
his text is longer and somewhat garbled in places but it is
unquestionably more faithful to the original than the Hauksbók
text is, and for that reason this present translation of Eirik's Saga
has been based on the Skálholtsbók, and not as previous
translations have been, on  the Hauksbók>>
In notes on Translations
It has note that the 'S' text as produced by Professor Sven B.F.Jansson
Has been used for Eirik's Saga - excepting in cases where the text seemed garbled - and then they have used the Hauksbók - also produced by Professor Jansson
There is also a note - on the same (first page of the Notes on Translations - which says
there will be notes in the text where there are variations in the Hauksbók and the footnotes
will be marked with an H - it is in one of these footnotes see P.86 MM & HP make mention
of the Larger Trees
I had no idea that the same Professor Jansson had produced both books
PatriciHope to have helped (E&OE)
-------Original Message-------
Date: 11/07/2007 11:40:55
Subject: [norse_course] Hauksbok

My guess would be that the translation we are working on derives from
Hauksbok since in the last bit we did there was no mention of trees to build
houses from in M & P.
Fred and Grace Hatton
Hawley Pa

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