Lets stick to the on e we are on now please - I am not keen on Changing horses in mid-stream.
I am not surprised that MM & HP seem to "ring true" - go figure they ARE Icelandic Born - are
they not - well MM is for sure
I keep Gwyn Jones by me - nice to have something to argue with
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Date: 10/07/2007 17:10:34
Subject: [norse_course] Re: The second part of Ch5 Eirik's Saga Rauða

Unless a translation actually says that its chapter divisions are
based on those found in whichever manuscript it's based on, I wouldn't
assume that they are. As Ralph O'Connor, justifying his own decision
to follow manuscript chapter divisions, writes: "Many modern editions
and translations [...] follow chapter divisions arbitrarily imposed by
the saga's early editors. This is a matter of convention and allows
for convenient cross-referencing [...]" (Icelandic Histories &
Romances 2002, p. 49).

Does anyone know which manuscript our version is from (Hauksbók or
Skálholtsbók)? I've no idea how great the differences are...

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Eir%C3%ADks_ saga_rau% C3%B0a

There's an edition of Hauksbók at Saganet, so if someone has time,
they could compare that: Vol. II, pp. 425-444.

http://saga. library.cornell. edu/saganet/ ?MIval=/SinglePa ge&Manuscript= 100137&Page= 602&language= english

Incidentally, I see there's a version online with normalised Old
Icelandic spelling [
http://www.heimskri ngla.no/original /islendingesagae ne/eirikssagarau da.php
], if anyone wants to switch to that?


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> Any one using Gwyn Jones translation will see that this is in Ch4
> dont let that get in your way - we are using what appears to me
> to be the transcription of an original text from which I copy and
> paste our assignments
> I notice that the Penguin Classic with translations by Magnusson
> and Paulsson use "our" numbering of the Chapters I believe the
> Numbering of the Chapters we are using - to be Correct - that is
> of course anyone wants to confirm differently
> Kveðja
> Patricia