Brief note on the Hundabrævið (The Dog Letter) is in one of the
Faroese stamp links that LN mentioned, where it says:

>The Dog Letter gave a person the right to "avsiga" a dog, i.e. to
demand that the owner should kill it, if the dog was regarded a
danger to people or livestock.

Now, if you go to the Faroese wiki page
( doesn't it
say on that the "Seyðabrævið" text was published in 1971, 68-pages,
edited by Jóhan Hendrik W. Poulsen and Ulf Zachariasen with English
translation (meaning) by Michael Barnes & David R. Margolin ?

Also the original Faroese title by G. V. C. Young seems to include
the Sheep Letter in Danish, so in the English version of this book,
_From the Vikings to the Reformation_ (1979), the "Sheep Letter" I
would guess would be written up in English.

Unfortunately, the first book seems very hard to come by (or info on
it is very scanty) while Young's book in English is listed in Amazon
but is pricey at $135.30.

Neither title was stocked at the NY research library. But JHW
Poulsen is listed as the author of an electronic Faroese dictionary,
while G. V. C. Young is a co-author of the Faroese-English

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> Thank you for the links. I am especially
> interested in the dog rules as I am trying
> to research the history of Shetland Sheepdogs.