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Sn.I p.258.

[Fyrð'ar, Fír'ar ogh/oc ver'ar eru LandVerndarMenn.-
"ar" suffix her indicates: they are or plural.

The are Men of Land's protection.

? Topology "
Fyrð'i > ? Forð'i [Brings from Danger]
Fír'i > ? Fire as to shoot
Ver'i > keep on staying therefore
Verr'ji [spelling after contraction] Verji >
Let someone or something keep on staying: That is is
to protect. RómVerji is Protector or Defender of Rome.

"Her och lið" or "Army matches Team" gives "Herlið".

Herr'ji >Herji: wages in war. See Herran och
allsheRjar the Mighty one. "Herr" is/was Poetic
under it is "Her" of our scale I reckon.

Lið can be Flock or Fylki or ...
So we can have HerFlokk or HerFylki,...

ON is the art of Word creating Under the runic
Influence I reckon.

Thanks Uoden ON-Amateur.

The E-sound in "Her" och "Herr" is as in British "Met"
But the consonant -R- is longer in Herr.
"Heír" oc "Heyr" och "Herr" are said of same Metric
Men of Latin-Alphabets say Icelandic "Her" as long
-E-sound and weak -r- sound.
As they would spell Icelandic "Herr" as Her, where the
-E- sound is considdered short [compaired to the
consonant sound?)

--- Victor Hansen <victor_akl_nz@...> wrote:

> Hi all, quick question if I might get some help on
> this.
> I have two words, herlid and fyrd, I am wondering
> which term is closest to old Norse and which is more
> appropriate to discribe a warlike group of Norse
> people.
> Thanks.
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