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> rífka svo ráð fyrir dóttur þinni
> in Zoega it has to improve (or it could be repair) your daughter's
> Hrut may have the view that since Hallgerð was dissatisfied with the
> marriage - and was the cause of Thjostolf's actions - people may
> ill of her in connection with this - makes sense ??

Some pondering!
rífka (blíðka> gera blíðan)> gera ríflegt ráð [Halt.

Bæta ráð sitt (most often nowadays to reform: get a new job, stop
drinking) those time and as she is Chief daughter without husband:
Increase her (re)maritial odds.

Bæta to augment(gera ríflegt) or to make better.

He should on behalf of his daughter make it better settlement(ráð) to
marry her.
Or reestablish her reputation as a woman to be married.
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