OK folks what I have cooked up is: "mer frelsi gef eÞa mer dauÞa
gef" and "sjálfráðr lifat eða deyjat" - any thoughts as to
structure, diction, grammar, etc.?

Thanks! - I greatly appreciate any help!

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> I am trying to translate the phrases "Give me liberty or give me
> death" and "Live free or die", but I have been having a tough time
> finding O.N. translation to the words "me" and "liberty". I have
> through a half dozen dictionaries and do not find a single case of
> either; since "me" is a Germanic word, I tried to back-track it
> from modern "me" but Webster only references modern Danish &
German. I
> realize that "Liberty" is of latin origin, and know that the
> Norwegian equivlent of liberty is "Frihet", i.e. "freedom", which
> think likely is borrowed from German "Frieheit", but I can't seem
> find a propery history in that regard either.
> Any thoughts?
> thokk