Hi there again,

As I remarked that "follower" can point to consequence [afleiðing]
in British,
She the "fylgja" can not in Icelandic [see the concrete sample fond:
The native dictionary gives: verndarAndi and fylgiAndi.
Spirit (Andi) that protects and Spirit that accompanies [comes/goes
along with.

But "Fylgjandi" [is following] male noun matching follower in

N:ice is it not?
S:ylg'ju, F:ylg'ju and we talk about D:ylg'ju that is insinuation.
B:ylg'ju is a wave goes with hair also. [curl or girl]

Blanc ON-Amateur.
"Vorar tryggðir" [B, S, D, F; olg'y, ilg'y or ylg'y : new is ný]
Everything is thrice. "Allt er þá þrennt er". [þ er m].

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> > Nú tók Svanur til orða og geispaði mjög: "Nú
> sækja að fylgjur Ósvífurs."
> > Now took Svan to speak (began to speak) - and yawned greatly
> was a choice next and I chose an alternative) Now are Osvif's
> come visiting (?sarcasm) Note 1
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> Hi there Patricia,
> fyl>filly [La fille]
> fylgja marks placenta: As it protects and accompanies: In our
> nine periods of darkness.
> fylgja marks also wraiths [vreiðs]: Some still today say they are
> aware of them often in dreams but also in awake. [Mosten often our
> goddesses as it is she-noun]
> S:ylgja: brooch, buckle, clasp. It accompanies here most often
> Thanks Blanc ON-Amateur.
> Creep under s is Screep>skríp(i). Makes my skin....
> Double edd in Goddess is not so odd as the one in God. OD See left
> and dekst'er is right.