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I Ponder or For interest sake:





L gives less Table is smal Tabbe (the godly table).

Hadd points to Freyja's(Her[Hör]) Hair.

Hat or Hatt is also cover on the Head. IF Our earth is like Head
would it not be nice to give her small cover. Kofi is small house ?

Thanks Uode.

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> > That is very likely so - for the Romans were worse by a damned
> - than
> > the English for putting their pronunciation on things,
> I was thinking more of the 18th century when Latin was a lingua
> among European scholars, few of whom would have been acquainted
> the original texts. Just looked it up in the OED now, which does
> indeed give Modern Latin Valhalla as the immediate source for the
> English word. But when it was first used in Latin, or who by, it
> doesn't say. The earliest quote is Gray, 1768. It also has a
> from 1780 in which Odin / Óðinn appears in English with a Latin
> Odinus. According to the Grimms' Deutsches Wörterbuch, the name
> first introduced into German by Schütze in 1750 as Walhalla, then
> Gerstenberg used the form Valholl in 1766, but Walhalla seems to
> won out.
> > only thing they did well
> > was to classify and subclassify the plants and animals and give
> Latin
> > names, they are well done
> I thought that was a Swedish invention [
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolus_Linnaeus ].