Hi there,

I know One can considder the Icelandic word enndsk a syllable: it
can be uttered with single impulse of air.

enndsk > ennzk > ensk as spelled today.

The main question is:

Is enndskr a syllable? (Can it be uttered with single imulse of air?)

If so can some tell me where I can obtain an audible sample, please.

Thanks Uoden ON-Amateur.

4 where the Orginal runic vowel figurs: ur, ÚSS, ÍSS, ar;
as presented in the Icelandic Medieval Morphological description
[Sn.II, p. 72].

Our ancestor in runes opposed "u" against the "a" of Latin.
What does that tell us ? Like utt'er from Head. u from e.
B:ur'a we Name Twins. See: Binary or Bin are I.