Hi there,

As "wr:aith" sounds to me riming with "s:eið" Maybe because the -th
in "wraith" is so blunt/weak.

Thanks Uoden The ON-Amateur.

say-þur=dry LoL;
eið is oath =>S gives Seið. Neí/Noú or Nei/No
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> Very obliged Llama,
> I am with certain difficulty in some words, as for example seidr.
> the book Nine worlds of seid-magic, of Jenny Blain, it it says
> the correct pronunciation is "say-th or say-thur" (page X). But I
> not perceive in the compact-disc Rímur this type of pronunciation
> E. Which would be the correct one?
> Another thing that is very confused: the double LL, in the compact-
> disc, is as TL in all the cases. But in words as VALHOLL, it would
> well different of the English...
> I very thank the answers, Demian