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> Hello all,
> I see I've been falling a bit behind this week, so I'll trying and
> catch up with everything at once.
> > Höggur hann þá tveim höndum borð skútunnar og gekk sundur borðið um
> tvö rúm
> `rúm' are the rowers' seats. MM & HP: "He hacked two-handed at the
> side of the skiff, smashing the planks the length of two thwarts..."

Hi there:

Rover seat is as always in Icelandic named: Þófta kvk.

The space (rúm) inside the boat (of 6 oars  that is 3x2 ) .

The subspaces are named like: Miðskipsrúm with miðskipsþóftu and 2 rovers at starboard and at larboard, Frammírúm in the stern, with no rovers or seat.

thwarts are þvert that is a across.

Those boards rare surely side coverings but lying bent across.

The boards are of two principal breadths those going around two rooms have width ca. to times the breadth of those lying at there sides.

the broader plank type went lost.

Thanks Uoden ON-Amateur.

Bera á hann (á means sometimes yfir) so Bera yfir út that is His menn waded out to him with the goods that he charged om board. The boat was lying in the sea apparently.