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> I had a book of old Icelandic once (I had to give it back, though)
that distinguished
> between strong and weak adjectives. There were also strong and
weak nouns, verbs, etc.
> The adjectives didn't quite fit. Are strong and weak (of
adjectives) that same as definite
> and indefinite (cf
http://www.hi.is/~haukurth/norse/grammar/adj.php?colors=1) in the
> grammar reference?

Hi Thaddeus,

That's right. With adjectives strong = indefinite; weak = definite
(because they're used with the definite article).

Weak nouns are the ones with fewer distinct inflections. They're
declined a bit like the weak adjectives. Weak verbs are the ones
that form their past tense with dental endings -t-, -d-, -ð-.
Strong verbs don't use these endings to make the past tense, but
just change their root vowel.

Llama Nom