Sael Morning Star ( Morgen-Stern) translates well to German I'll try to in Old Norse
It is logical to go to any Old norse Dictionary and look thru the words starting with Mo--- and there it is Móðir  and the pronunciation - May Be !!  Moh-THeer    the TH as is English  - Them.
Faðir for Father   Bróðir for brother,  you can I feel, get quite enthusiastic reading  Gordon or Zoega
Your "proverb" I have copied into an email form in my drafts folder, it has a slightly American slant to it to my mind
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Subject: [norse_course] Seeking Translation Help

Greetings, everyone.
  I am new to the group, but have been trying to learn some Norse info & language. I have been searching the internet for some English-to-Norse dictionary, but to no avail. Currently, I am looking for the Norse word for "mom" or "mother". I have found some sites for other information, but this one is eluding me. Any assistance in finding the word and the proper pronunciation would be greatly appriciated.
Thank you.

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