> We get i and u in the vowels of
> inflectional endings, just like
> in runic inscriptions, just like
> in MIce and just like in MFaro.

Indeed. It is, however, important to keep in mind
that the regular 'i' and 'u' in all the "right places"
in Faroese is basically fiction in the spelling.

While some dialects do distinguish between /i/ and
/u/ in endings (with various phonetic values for these
phonemes) the distinction does nowhere correspond to
that of the spelling. At least this was true in the
19th century. I imagine nowadays a hypercorrect pronunciation
of the endings following the spelling has emerged. At
least that's what it sounds like to me when I listen to
Faroese news broadcasts. I understand something similar
happened in Swedish.

In any case I wonder if perhaps some vowel harmony does
(or did) exist in some Faroese dialects.