I can find nothing to suggest a tie between the word vili and the meaning you mention.  All I find is connected with the meaning of free will, intestines and the veil of a nunn.  But the word Vilne was a common name for patches of grass, many grassy areas still have names wich are variations of this. Vin is a well known word for grassy land.  The original word may very well have been vilni.  It's quite common in language development for the l to fall away in connection with n, also the opposite may happen, the n disappering, so we might be dealing with two versions of an older word, one version wich stayed alive in the language an one we only find residues of in the names of places. I am quite curious about where you have your information about vidars home from?

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Vidar lives in Vili, but does anyone know the meaning of Vili?
Is it like "silent grasses" or something?


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