_the '(h)inn' would of course only be used if the brother had recently been mentioned in the same conversation or was in sight at the time of the conversation... Also I think it's likely that instead of using the word little they would maybe only use a diminuative, so you could get something like br�� + le (the diminuative) +  ur/ir, which with vocal subtraction would give an end result somthing like br��lir, wich would mean little or small brother...

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> Can anyone give me the old norse for this?

Google turns up a lot of Modern Icelandic examples of both:

litli br��ir minn (1990)
br��ir minn litli (52)

Also a few with: hinn litli br��ir minn.  I don't know if that adds
the same kind of emphasis as English "that little brother of mine".

Perhaps the most likely way to say it in Old Norse would be:

br��ir minn inn litli

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