As I understand it   Sael/Saell is a greeting like Hail Hael Heil (not so often used), and it is a sort of Hello, but the Guys get two "L's women get one "go figure".
As it is and will always (I trust) be, exchange of opinions and feedback etc. will most likely continue because it benefits everyone in the Group.
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Hi Hunmanby and Patricia! Thanks for giving me those precious
feedback! :-)

A Yew is a type of coniferous tree, and a dale is a valley. There may
be some symbolic reference in the yew - or it may just be a tree.
--------------------- I would say it's somewhat logical to suggest that
Ull's hall is a mini valley within Asgard with lots of Yew trees
around it etc.

Dugvandil if that is your weapon's name, I am mistaken, is obviously
an entirely different weapon from the one I referred to in my e.mail
of 25th Jan, Je m'excuse

Dugvandil...that's actually a name suggested to me by Llama. I needed
some kind of cool and meaningful name for Freyr's magical sword, you
see(the one he gave to Skirnir).

And Surt's blazing sword is given the name of Harmbrenna. If possible,
I wish to make it sound even more bloodthirsty, though. :-)

Have a nice day, guys!
(Saelle means "Sir"?)

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