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Excuse me but the name Dugvandil is not quite right if you are referring to Egil's sword which Arinbjorn the Hersir gave him, I quoted Dragvandil - Slicer which was the name of the sword.
Dugvandil if that is your weapon's name, I am mistaken, is obviously an entirely different weapon from the one I referred to in my e.mail of 25th Jan, Je m'excuse
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Hi Llama!

I've decided to adopt the names Dugvandill and Harmbrenna for the
sword names.
And one more thing in which I'm thinking of giving a name to Ull's bow
too. :-D

What does the following words translates to?

1) "The Great Arch"
2) "Wonderous Stinger"
3) "Final stinger"


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