Hrafnkel's Saga would be fine with me. I just enjoy this so much that it
doesn't really matter. Have been working on lesson 4 so hopefully won't
have as many problems with the dative and pronouns in general.

My background in languages started in the third grade when I went to a
parochial school that was French half the day. I guess I was in that
school three years. I had four years of Latin and two of Spanish in High
School, two years of German in a U. S. college and third year French and
Spanish in college after which I quit to get married. In 1970, my husband
got a job in Germany. After having lived there a couple of years, I
enrolled at the Technishe Hochschule in Darmstadt in a M. A. program in
German Lit. which had as a requirement a semester each of old high German
and middle high German which had to be done at the Uni. Mannheim since it
wasn't offered at the t. H. I enjoyed those very much. I had divorced in
the meantime and altho I took all the four years of seminars and lectures,
never finished the M. A. as I quit to get married again. Anyone see a
pattern here?

Recently my mother decided to move into a condo and cleared out her
collection of Sagas and various other medieval texts in English and French
by giving them to me so I started reading the Sagas and found my way here!!!!
Fred and Grace Hatton
Hawley, PA