I love doing these!  I just haven't had a lot of time lately -- and it's too hot to sit in front of the computer.  I'm job hunting (fruitlessly it seems), subbing (library), teaching Welsh (class of 6 students -- all at different levels), running a performing dance group, entertaining my parents next week, and planning a trip to Colorado.  But don't let me hold you up!  Go ahead and start something new, and I'll either switch to that or continue Bodvar at my leisure.  I think Hrafnkel's saga would be my first choice.  If you kept it to about 10 lines a week, I might have a chance!  But whatever the others want to do.
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Hi Jed!
Good to hear a little about your background and to see where your interest on ON stems from.  I daresay your retirement is busier and more fulfilling than your working life was!  I hope I'm in that boat when I retire too!
Glad you enjoyed this as much as I did!  It's funny how going over other people's translations really reinforced my understanding of the grammar we had learnt at college. 
I was half hoping that some people would want to carry on doing translations because, as Teja once rightly said, that's where my interest lies!  I contacted my ON lecturer for his advice on what to look at next and he suggested either
  • Hrafnkel's saga [Gordon, passage 6]
  • selections from Snorri's Edda [Gordon, passage 1]
  • Þáttr Auðunar vestfirzka [Gordon, passage 12]
I don't mind which we do, but I should warn you that this time we'll all be in the same boat together because I won't have lecture notes to rely on!!  But I'm sure if we get stuck on a particular bit, someone else from the group will put us right.
I'm happy to post a passage up each week and co-ordinate the responses and we can all chip in and discuss how best to unravel the grammar! So it's really over to you, Jed, Simon, Laurel, Grace, Thomas, Daniel and anyone else who has or would like to join in.  I'll go along with what the majority want.