Allergic to techno-babble? Happy with your
current character settings? Then stop reading :)

- - -

I've been wondering whether to switch from ISO-8859-1
(AKA Latin-1) to ISO-8859-15 (AKA Latin-9 AKA Latin-0).
The advantage would be that the latter allows oe-ligature.

If you configure your system to use ISO-8859-15 you should see
the following characters as oe-ligatures. If you have it configured
to ISO-8859-1 you should see them as fractions (one half and one fourth):

½ (small oe-ligature)
¼ (capital oe-ligature)

There are no other significant differences between the two character
sets so if you have your system configured to one you'll be able to
read the other with ease.

It's probably still not worth the bother, though...