Hinn 29. júní 2003 lét Mark Grass þetta frá sér fara:
> I have previously sent out a request for help with
> knowing as to whether a name that a friend is using is
> period or not for an early 11th century Viking. Was
> hoping that someone could please tell me if it is.
> The name is "Ulfdis Alfgeirrsdottir".

The standardized spelling is "Úlfdís Álfgeirsdóttir"
or (for 11th century language) "Ulfdís Alfgeirsdóttir".

Both names are rare. It seems Álfgeirr, at least, is
attested in the Landnámabók. I can't easily find any
old record of Úlfdís. It may not be attested as a whole.
Both its components are, however, very old and it doesn't
seem unlikely that someone was named that in the 11th
century who didn't happen to make it into recorded history...

It's certainly attested in modern times and it's
quite rare now.

Pretty name, actually.