I posted with my normal tag line and then realised it would be very
misleading. I apologise.

Guðroð is Ok as it is and I am not after doing anything with it.

More I'm trying to create a phrase for 'xxxx, Jarl of Skane'.

In other words, a male personal name followed by a title followed by a place

Is that clearer ?


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> I am slowly trying to read through the basic course, but I can't work
> out the translation for the phrase <Name> of <Place>
> Can anyone give me this jump-start ?
> Thanks,
> Guðroð Of Colanhomm

Well... I don't think there's any one-size-fits-all
solution here. It would probably depend on the place
name. If you're thinking about "Colanhomm" then I
suppose that's something Celtic and I'm not sure how
to treat it.

And Guðrøðr or Goðrøðr is probably the ON name you
are looking for.


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