I agree with both of you, Konrad and Haukur. The modern Swedish
"Den som är spak[er]" (or
"Den som spak[er] är")
is not a complete sentence, of course. It needs something more. What
is needed is of course a verb, e.g.
"Den som spaker är KOMMER i rättan tid." meaning
"He who is wise ARRIVES at the right time."
where I have emphasized the verb.

I usually write my posts around midnight. Maybe I should be in bed
then :D


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> Heil!
> Konrad is of course right that "Hann sem er spakr" is not a complete
> sentence. But I'm not sure that was what Dan meant. It's certainly a
> correct _start_ of sentence. :)
> Kveðja,
> Haukur