Sæll Simon!
Well done again!  Only a couple of bits where things came unstuck... 
Konungr spyrr um morguninn hvat þeir viti til dýrsins, hvárt þat hafi nơkkut þangat vitjat um nóttina.

In the morning the king asks what they know of the beast, and whether anyone had visited it in the night.


Sorry, I can´t get the font out of bold, bear with me...

I think your pronouns have got muddled up here, it should read

and whether it had visited anywhere there in the night


Honum var sagt at fé allt væri heilt í grindum ok ósakat.

He was told that the beast was completely unharmed and whole in the pen.


I think it might be better to translate "heilt" as 'safe'.  And "fé" is cattle.


Konungr bað menn forvitnask hvárt engi sæi líkindi til at þat hefði heim komit.

The king told some men to find out whether no one saw any signs that it had come home.


I think "engi" would be better translated as 'anyone' and ´come home´ could be ´visited'.


Konungr bað hirðmenn vera hrausta ok duga nú hvern eptir því sem hann hefði hug til, ok ráða af óvætt þenna;

The king told the courtiers to be bold and (sorry Sarah, I don’t get this bit), and get rid of this evil creature;


Have a look at Jed´s version, but basically it´s

... bold and stout-hearted now, each as he had a mind to...


Well done!  Last instalment coming up, probably tomorrow evening...






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Hi Sarah,

well, here's my attempt at the latest instalment.

It's really great stuff.



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