Sæll Jed!
What can I say?  This was excellent!  Can I recommend that the others scroll down this email to see how you tackled it?
Only two extremely minor refinements - see if you agree or not...
Eptir þat fara þeir heim ok hafa kyrt um sik,
After that they went home and moved quietly,
(how about: went home and slipped in quietly,)
ok sögðu konungi at dýrit foeri þar ok heldr geyst at borginni.
to tell the king that the beast had indeed arrived and had charged violently against the stronghold.
The translation needs to follow the tense more closely for once!  foeri is 3rd person singular present subjunctive and geyst is a past participle used adverbially.  This would give us something like
  and told the king that the beast was roaming out there and indeed was heading fast for the stronghold.
Well done!  Final instalment coming soon...
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Sorry about sending you part of the translation only. Technical incompetence again.
Here it is in full.
Eigi þorir hann heim at fara heldr. Nú gengr Boðvarr móti dýrinu;
Not dares he home to- go on the contrary. Now goes Boðvarr against beast the;
On the other hand, he didn't dare go home.  Now Bothvar moved against the beast
þat hœfir honum, at sverðit er fast í umgjörðinni, er hann vildi bregða því.
that  befalls him, that sword-the is fast in scabbard-the, which he wanted to draw that
It was just his luck that the sword stuck fast in the scabbard, from which he wanted to draw it.  
Boðvarr eggjar nú fast sverðit ok þá bragðar í umgjörðinni, ok nú fær hann brugðit
Bothvar urges now fast sword-the and then stirs in scabbard-the, and now was able moved
Boðvarr now worked to free the sword which was stuck fast, and then he was able to jiggle 
umgjörðinni svá at sverðit gengr ór slíðrunum, ok leggr þegar undir bœgi dýrsins
scabbard-the so that sword-the goes out of sheath-the, and thrusts at once under shoulder of beast-the
the scabbard so that the sword slipped out of its sheath, and immediately made a thrust under the beast's shoulder
ok svá fast at stóð í hjartanu, ok datt þá dýrit til jarðar dautt niðr. Eptir þat ferr hann þangat sem
 so fast that stood in heart-the, and fell then beast-the to earth dead down. After that goes he thither where
so firmly that it stood in its heart, and the beast dropped down dead on the ground. After that he went to where
Höttr liggr.  Böðvarr tekr hann upp ok berr þangat sem dýrit liggr dautt.  Höttr skelfr ákaft.
Hott lies.  Boðvarr takes him up and carries thither where beast-the lies dead. Hott shakes greatly.
Hott lay.  Bothvarr picked him up and carried him to where the dead beast lay. Hott shook violently.
Böðvarr mælti: 'Nú skaltu drekka blóð dýrsins'  Hann er lengi tregr, en þó þorir hann víst eigi annat.
Bothvar said: ' Now shall you to-drink blood of beast-the.' He is long unwilling, but though dares he certainly not other.
Bothvarr said: 'Now you shall drink the beast's blood.' For a long time time he was reluctant and yet he dared not do otherwise.
Böðvarr lætr hann drekka tvá sopa stóra; hann let hann ok eta nökkut af dýrshjartanu.
Bothvarr lets him to-drink two great draughts; he let him also to-eat somewhat of beastsheart-the.
Bothvar made him swallow two great mouthfuls; he also forced him to eat part of the beast's heart.
Eptir þetta tekr Böðvarr til hans ok áttusk þeir við lengi.  Böðvarr mælti: 'Helzt ertu nú sterk orðinn,
After that takes Bothvarr to him and wrestle with each other they long. Bothvarr said: 'Exceedingly
are you now strong become,
After that Bothvar laid hands on him and for a long time they wrestled together. Bothvar said: ' You have now become very strong.
ok ekki vænti ek at þú hræðisk nú hirðmenn Hrólfs konungs.'   Höttr sagði, 'Eigi mun ek
and not I expect that you may-fear now retainers of Hrolf king.'  Hott said, 'Not will I
and now I expect you will have no fear of king Hrolf's warriors  Hott said, 'I will not
þá hræðask ok eigi þik upp frá þessu.'  'Vel er þá orðit, Höttr félagi.  Föru(m?)  vit nú til
them fear and not you up from this.'  'Well is then become, Hott comrade. Let us go now to
fear them or you from now on.'  'Then it has turned out well, Hott my friend. Let us set to work now
ok reisum upp dýrit ok búum svá um at aðrir ætli at kvikt muni vera.'
and raise up beast-the and prepare so about that others think that alive will to be.'
and lift the beast up and so arrange it that the others will think it is alive.'
Ðeir gøra nú svá. Eptir ðat fara þeir heim ok hafa kyrt um sik, ok veit engi maðr hvat þeir hafa iðjat 
They do now so. After that go they home and have still(ness?) about themselves, and knows no man what they to-have done
They did so. After that they went home and moved quietly, and no man knew what they had done.
Konung spyrr um morguninn hvat þeir viti til dýrsins, hvárt þat hafi nökkut þangat vitjat um nóttina.
King asks in morning-the what they know concerning beast-the, can-it-be that has anything to-there visited in night-the.
In the morning the king asked what they knew regarding the monster,  whether anything had been there during the night.
Honum var sagt at fé alt væri heilt í grindum ok ósakat.  Konung bað menn forvitnask hvárt
To him was said the cattle all were sound in folds and unhurt.  King bid men enquire whether
He was told that all the cattle were safe and sound in their pens. The king ordered his men
engi sæi líkindi til at þat hefði heim komit.  Varðmenn gørðu svá ok kómu skjótt aptr
none be likelihood to that that had come home.  Watchmen did so and came quickly back
to find out if the beast were likely to have been in the neighbourhood. The watchmen did so and returned quickly
ok sögðu konungi at dýrit fœri þar ok heldr geyst at borginni.
and said to king that beast-the went there and more rushed at stonghold-the.
to tell the king that the beast had indeed arrived and had charged violently against the stronghold.
Konungr bað hirðmenn vera hrausta ok duga nú hvern eptir því sem hann hefði hug til,
King bid retainers to be brave and doughty now  each according to that which he had mind to
The king ordered his warriors now to be brave and stout-hearted, each according to the spirit he had for this.
ok ráða af óvætt þenna; ok svá var gört, sem konungr bað, at þeir bjoggu sik til þess.
and to resolve concerning this evil creature; and so was done as king bade, that they prepared themselves to this
and to face the monster resolutely; and so it was done as the king ordered, that they prepared themselves for this.

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