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> Hei, Haavard --
> Since there is already a Yahoo group devoted to the discussion of
> modern Norwegian (norskklassen), I was wondering why you had
> to start another one.
> I wish you luck in your plans to prepare lessons in Old Norse.
> However, expertise in the morphology and syntax of a language
> completely from expertise in modern language pedagogy and the
> of course materials for adults.
> In any case, I wish you alt det beste --
> Gordon

Could you please name the address for this mailing list? The eGroups
linguistics search engine seems to be out of function.

From what I have understood this group are for those who wish to
learn Norwegian. My intentions are to give a rather scientific view
on the language. In the files section I will provide essays on
grammatical elements that aren't given any explanation in grammars on
the Norwegian language. I will also write etymologies where I will
trace many verbs back to the Proto-IndoEuropean language. My views
are in general untraditional. This way, I will try to start a
discussion questioning the current trends in the Norwegian
authorities language policy. I will provide a description on the
Norwegian language from a neutral basis.