Hi there,

My name is Stein Håvard Frølandshagen. I am a 17 yrs. old Norwegian
student. I have studied English and German at school. I have also
studied the morphological structure of nominals and verbs in Old
Norse and if there is any interest among the group members I might
find the time to provide new lessons until the moderators return. I
am in possession of two Old Norse grammars and a Norse-Norwegian
dictionary. A teacher with a major in Old Norse at my school might
assist me with difficulties. Since my own language is a descendant of
Old Norse I understand much of Norse texts without having a
dictionary at hand.

I am currently working on a comparative Norwegian grammar which I
will publish over the internet. A new Norwegian grammar with an
untraditional view is needed because the old ones are to heavily
influenced by the language. In Norway language is a political issue.
I have just opened the Norwegianlanguage discussion list where
excerpts of the grammar can be found at the files section. I will try
answer questions, I have not planned any lessons yet.

I have taken part in discussion groups on linguistics, such as the
Cybalist and the Linguistics discussion group. My prime interests in
linguistics are morphology and syntax.

I will try to find time to make a draft to an Old Norse lesson, and
give it to you all here for evaluation. I have access to Internet at
home and at my school.

Best regards,