I was wondering whether any of you, while waiting for Oskar and
Haukur to return as our teachers, would be interested in using this
message list (Oskar and Haukar willing) to ask and answer questions
about problems that we encounter as we continue our study of Old
Icelandic on our own, using the various grammars that we have at hand.

While waiting for _A New Introduction to Old Norse_ to arrive, I have
been using the Valfells and Cathey text, _Old Icelandic: An
Introductory Course_, complemented by the Gordon and Taylor
grammar/reader and by Stefan Einarsson's modern Icelandic textbook.

I've also been skimming (am now on Lesson 11 out of 16 lessons)
through _Hugo's Norwegian Simplified_, which focuses primarily on
developing one's reading ability, in order to gain some understanding
of "Scandinavian" much more quickly and painlessly than I could by
trying to skim through an Icelandic grammar, with its incredibly
complex system of declensions and conjugations.

In any case, I wish you all the best in your continued study of Old