Hi Keth! And hi all! :-)

> The old Anglo-Saxon calendar is also interesting.
> Perhaps you would like to compare the calendar
> that you posted, with the Anglo-Saxon one ?

Yes, I would like to compare them. :-) Please...

And thank you very much for your comments... May be I put them on my
Well, the sources of the month names I took here:
1) Snorra Edda (I have Old Norse and Russian version of it)
2) Site of Jón Júlíus Filippusson:
I do not know Norwegian, so I took only names from there, and I do
not know about accuracy of this source, though... (Don't call me
silly, ok? ;-)))

> You translated to Russian ? Help !

Oh, no-no! I have russian site and tried to translate my calendar
page to English for you here. :-) You've seen this yet.

My best wishes,