Selv wrote :
>-Selv, wondering if there are any other Mac users benefitting from this...

Hi Selv! I am a Mac user too. And I didn't know that you could download
Mac OS from Iceland. I'll certainly have to look into that.

The problem with Mac fonts has been that you need them to work on the
printer too - not just on the screen. There is one Mac font that is quite
useful, and it is called "Mac ISO Latin-1", or something close to that.
I have it in my "fonts folder" and I can use it to look as "iso" files
(to see them written with the chars they were originally written)
But when I try to print the file, the letters come out all jagged.
Obviously the font has only been designed for screen usage.

There are however two other fonts that I use all the time.
They are called ONtimes and ONcourier, and I use them all the
time. They are "suitcase-fonts", and each "suitcase" contains
a complete set of pixel sizes for the screen + true-type or
postscript (I forget which) for the printer. Thus these fonts
come as units (=suitcases) and are thus easy to keep track of
and quick to move from one place to another.

I don't know if they are the same as Lucy Ball's, but they might be!

The characters look exactly like normal Times and Courier, except
for two or three, which are "edh", "thorn" as well as "y" with
a forward accent on top of it.

alt-shift 3 = Ð
alt-shift 4 = ð
alt-shift 5 = Þ
alt-shift 6 = þ
alt-shift 7 = ý
alt-t = Ý

What I miss very much is however the "o-with-a-twig".
The "o-with-two-dots" that you sometimes see used,
has nothiong to do with Old Norse. It was imported
to Iceland from Germany sometime in the 16th century.

Best regards