Lavrans asked:
>>>WHat would you suggest as a Font? 'm not getting the th and dh letters.

I replied:
>>it looks like you're using a version of MacOS which is missing the eth,
>>thorn and accented y, so you have two main options:
>>1. This is the most complete, but also the most work - go to
>> and download the Sta?færsla package for the
>>appropriate version of MacOS. This will update your OS to
>>Icelandic-compatible settings, including correcting all the built-in
>>fonts. However, you will then need to go through all your control panels
>>and change your time zone, language, keyboard layout, etc, etc, etc, back
>>to US settings.

Brunnhild asked:
>And what if i have another system working along wit the English one?

I'm not entirely certain what you mean - that may be because while I may be
a tech who administrates servers and tries to find and fix their long-term
problems, that's all on Unix systems. I use Mac and Windoze to connect to
those servers, but I don't play with the guts of those machines much, I
just have learned how to use them as necessary. I found the Icelandic
patch for MacOS and installed it (it adds the eth, thorn and accented y to
every default font, after all...), and then received several days of
teasing from my wife as I slowly found every little system setting
configured for someone in Iceland....

>>2. Just download some Mac fonts which have those characters and use those
>>fonts to read your email and those web pages which use Icelandic
>>characters. A good URL for such fonts is

>Aaaand i'll try this one :)

I don't blame you - I actually did both, but I'm a font junkie and like
having hundreds of fonts for all occasions, and installing the Icelandic
package for MacOS was the only way to correct the default fonts - the idea
of having lots of funky fonts, but only two standard fonts, with Icelandic
characters was a bit annoying - I didn't want to write everything in Times,
Kermit-A, or a hard-to-read decorative font.

-Selv, wondering if there are any other Mac users benefitting from this...

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