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Well, I wrote that old scandinavian calendar based on whole weeks,
but "leap weeks" were inserted in some years.
Next - that that winter begins in Saturday between 21 and 27 October
in one sources and in Saturday between 11 and 17 October in the
Below - ON names of months (some of them I took from the Snorra
Edda), their translation to russian and corresponding months in
Gregorian calendar:

gormánuðr - month 'gor' - oct-nov
frermánuðr eða ýlir - frosty month or ??? - nov-dec
hrútmánuðr eða mörsugr - ram month or ??? - dec-jan
þorri - thorri - jan-feb
gói - goi - feb-mar
einmánuðr - solitary month - mar-apr
gaukmánuðr ok sáðtíð eða harpa - cuckoo month and sowing time or ??? -
eggtíð ok stekktíð eða skerpla - egg time and calfs pasture time
or ??? - may-jun
sólmánuðr ok selmánuðr - sun month and ??? - jun-jul
heyannir eða ormamánuðr - haymaking or snakes month - jul-aug
kornskurðarmánuðr eða tvímánuðr - harvest month or double month - aug-
haustmánuðr - autumn month - sep-oct

Below - the names of days of weak, and some names relating to time.
And at the end - the names of some catolics and folk days...

Excuse me very much if I've translated something wrongly... Just
correct me :-)))))