Lavrans asked:
>WHat would you suggest as a Font? 'm not getting the th and dh letters.

it looks like you're using a version of MacOS which is missing the eth,
thorn and accented y, so you have two main options:

1. This is the most complete, but also the most work - go to and download the Staðfærsla package for the
appropriate version of MacOS. This will update your OS to
Icelandic-compatible settings, including correcting all the built-in
fonts. However, you will then need to go through all your control panels
and change your time zone, language, keyboard layout, etc, etc, etc, back
to US settings.

2. Just download some Mac fonts which have those characters and use those
fonts to read your email and those web pages which use Icelandic
characters. A good URL for such fonts is


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