Heil öll,

> And when will be ready 2nd chapter??? :-))) Haukur? Oskar?
> Anyway, thank you very much!!!

Good question, and thanks for the thanks :)

Currently, it's just not looking too good. The problem is, we don't
have the a) time, b) devotion/spirit to continue right now. We made
an application for funding for the project, but someone else got that
funding. We're both studying, so exams will be coming soon. Hate to
give whining excuses, but that's the situation.

Currently, I don't want to give any promises. I hope that we'll be
able to start our work here again this summer, but I can't predict
how it will be; we'll be working full time in summer. The problem is,
these kind of things hardly work out without some financial support,
which we're not getting; so that's where it's stranded :(

Sorry to disappoint all of you. The lessons we have written will of
course remain there; I hope we've contributed, and helped you get
started on this subject. When we do find the time and longing to get
back to this, I promise you that we will :)