Arghhhh! I wish I read Russian. Is there anyway, with Timothy's
permission we could get a translation of this calendar into English---

Also, I have started the course over since I did so poorly in lesson
5 so I too await the new chapter 2.



In norse_course@..., "Timothy N. T. Stridmann" <termolaev@...>
> Excuse me very much, may I ask you about Old Icelandic calendar
> here? :-)
> I tried to collect some info about it and put all this on my page
> there (page is in russian, though):
> And I've found that winter begins in Saturday between 21 and 27
> October in one sources and that year begins in Saturday between
> 11 and 17 October in the another.
> Who can you tell me, where is this difference from?
> May be, it's from difference between Gregorian and Julian calendars?
> And when will be ready 2nd chapter??? :-))) Haukur? Oskar?
> Anyway, thank you very much!!!
> Tim Stridmann