Hi Parry,

I was wondering when you might get a chance to show up on the list.
The best way to get started is to go to the "Files" section on the
list and begin with the New Chapters section(for new students)
The other ones listed as Lessons 1,2 3 etc. Were the beginning efforts
of our two teachers who decided there were some bugs in the system and
started over with the "New Chapters".
The lesson plans are done quite well for us English speaking
Avoid peeking at the solutions while you are working on the lessons.
Oskar and Haukur encourage us to send answers directly to them via
their e-mail addresses so that they can help monitor possible problem
The list itself is a general linguistics chat area which tends to be a
bit over my head. I check in on it occassionally to see if I can glean
anything from it. But for most of us beginners, the lessons are the
way to go.

I think you still have my e:mail and should you wish to work together
on some of this I would find it welcome.

Have fun


--- In norse_course@..., "parry morton" <parrymorton@...> wrote:
> Hello, My name is Parry Morton / aka Sven the Viking at the Arizona
> Renassiance Festival for 10 years. I would like to learn Old Norse
> so that I may include this in my lecturing on Viking History.
> Please help me get started. Thank you Parry Morton.
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