There are scores of old Germanic loans in Finnish, many of them beautifully archaic and evidently dating back to a chronological layer identifiable as Proto-Germanic, e.g. kuningas < *kuningaz 'prince', rengas < *xrengaz 'ring', laiva < *flauja- 'ship', etc. Finnish is rather conservative in terms of phonological development, so those loans are conserved like flies in amber, and their Finnish form is sometimes more archaic than what you can find in any historically documented Germanic language.
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E-Ching wrote:
>What clinches it for me is that the Proto-Germanic tribes used
>to be neighbours of the Finns, long before they split up to become
>and Norse and Goths, etc., and the Finns borrowed quite a few words
>Proto-Germanic at that time.  One of them is the stem _vark-_ 'thief'
>(_varas_ in the nominative).
Hi there,
BTW it seems to be an interesting (though off-topic) discussion.
Does someone know more Finnish loanwords?
I know _jukko_ "yoke", but certainly I don't know the Norse word (since
Old Norse dictionaries are hardly available here in Russia).
I might also have a go and tyr to say that _Joulupukki_ (the Finnish
Santa Claus) is also two loans:
_Joulu_ looks like jól (o with an accent mark, just in case)
_pukki_ standalone means "goat" - certainly the cognate of the English
Any ideas?
Cut it if it's offtopic ;-)