Hi Moongazer,

I don't know if anyone has answered your question so I will put my two
cents in.

The list is more for misc conversation on a variety of language
related topics. It's also whereour teachers notify us of posts and
changes to the files. Start in the files section on the chapters
listed as "New" or "revised" and don't hesitate to e-mail Oskar or
Haukur directly with solutionas as well as questions. Or you can post
you questions on the list. Don't forget to check out the home page as
well. They have done a great job on that with wonderful resource files
and even home drawn cartoons.
Resist looking at the solutions to the lessons until you have finished
that particular lesson.
Most of all...enjoy. It sure has been fun and quite useful for me in
my persoanl studies.


> hello everyone, I'm new her and looking forward to
> talking with everyone. So what's going on so far int
> he course? I was just told of this and interested in
> learning more. I've been studing about 1` 1/2 but
> really starting to concentrate on the Norse
> background.
> Blessing to all.
> Moongazer
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