Óskar Guðlaugsson wrote:
> --- In norse_course@..., Angasule <angasule@...> wrote:
> Heill Angasule,
> (or "heil"? Real name?)
Angasule *is* my real name, for now :) if you want my legal name,
that'd be Matias D'Ambrosio (should've been Matías... too bad those guys
can't spell even a common name... anyway, more nordic this way, I
believe :) ).

> > what's normal at the time) is what's I believe is called
> restrictivism
> Actually, "prescriptivism" :)
Ah, well, my memory isn't one of my best qualities, I'm afraid!

> > (the other 'side' being called something like 'descriptivism', I
> guess, haven't read anything on that in over a year).
> Very right. You've made good points here :)
Being argentinian I pretty much have to repeat this everytime I talk
about Spanish (yes, even some argentinians think we speak 'wrong'

> This is an excellent point regarding the "ghoti" deal; I didn't want
> to argue about English spelling, so I left it unsaid.
It's just a common misconception which I wanted to point out, didn't
mean to get so off-topic. I guess this emails were a good intro of what
I am... I often ramble on topics I like, I'm sorry! :)

> -tion, btw, is a Latin ending. The 'o' is from 'women', as Birgit
> pointed out. Shaw's use of 'ti' as [S] is completely "bogus", since
> it never gets pronounced that way outside of the -tion environment.
Thought so :)