Sorry, I thought the term was more universal. A "lounge lizard" is one of
those sleazy guys that hangs out in bars (cocktail lounges, especially)
looking for "sweet innocent girls" to lie to and corrupt. Although, the
sexual revolution has made them rather obsolete! <GRIN!>
--- keth@... wrote:
> Lynda wrote:
> >So, would varg(r) also apply to the more modern "lizard lounge" type of
> >wolf? Just curious...
> And what is a lizard lounge? :)
> (leapin' lizards, let me make a guess:)
> It is one of those easy lounge chairs, used by the lazy, laid back
> Washington lobbyists, all covered with lizard leather (??)
> P.S. In Iceland it is apparently "e´┐Żla" (f.)
> I wonder if they live there, or whether it is too
> far North. (lacerta vivipara?)
> Keth

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