Heill Keth

Yes, I did read something about that but it was just a
little blurb. It didn't make a lot of sence. I
didn't even know there was a problem with wolves in
Norway. Is there? I know that here in Dayton
(Southwestern Ohio) the closest thing that we have to
wolves is the neighbors dog. It a Chihuahua:) Out
west though, in Yellowstone, they have been
reintroducing wolves into the area from Canada. A
good thing. It sure has the Ranchers pissed in a big
way. Another good thing;)


PS. What part of Norway do you live in? I had a
friend in college from Norway. I can't remember the
name of the town he was from. But it was on the
southern tip. He used to joke and say that from his
back yard he could spit and hit Denmark.

--- keth@... wrote:

> Apropos of wolves: has the news where you live
> brought reports about
> the on-going Norwegian wolf hunt? Here the
> newspapers brought a large
> picture of two top-level "Spiegel" reporters, who
> were visiting the
> hunting grounds in order to cover the hunt as an
> international news story.
> Keth
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