So, would varg(r) also apply to the more modern "lizard lounge" type of
wolf? Just curious...
--- Selvarv Stigard <selvarv@...> wrote:
> Craig wrote:
> >Question: The words vargr and ulfr both appear to mean wolf. Is
> there some
> >subtlety to their usage? does one have negative or positive
> connotation?
> �lf(r) means wolf, in the literal sense.
> varg(r) is a term which means both a dangerous wolf and an
> outlaw/outcast,
> which referred to outlaws living as wolves and being just as dangerous.
> on
> occasion, it's also used to refer to a shape-shifter in the form of a
> wolf,
> as this concept overlaps with that of an outlaw living as a wolf. for
> the
> best example, check out the portion of V�lsunga saga where Sigur� and
> Sinfj�tli are living as wolves.
> -Selv
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