Re: Lat. gladius and Sorothaptic

From: Tavi
Message: 69983
Date: 2012-08-25

--- In, "Brian M. Scott" <bm.brian@...> wrote:
> > I do *nothing* of the kind, but I see no point in
> > continuing calling them "laryngeals" and use an algebraic
> > notation.
> Too bad; that's their name. It's well understood by those
> who work in the field, and only an idiot would worry
> overmuch about whether it's phonetically apt.
Because it's used for the sake of "tradition", a concept which is more
religious than scientific.

> > Actually, I think "IE linguistics" is at fault with regard
> > to modern scientific standards.
> When you show the slightest sign of understanding what
> modern scientific standards are, someone might care.
If IE-ists chose to live in their own bubble, it's their problem, not