Re: PIE vestuary

From: Tavi
Message: 69975
Date: 2012-08-15

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> Interestingly, there's a Romance verb *(a)panna:re with the homonymous
> meanings 'to get, to steal' > Spanish apañar (borrowed into
> Portuguese apanhar), Gascon panar and 'to attire; to season (food); to
> fix' > Spanish apañar.
The Basque forms ap(h)ain 'elegant', ap(h)aindu 'to ornate; to prepare' suggest the Romance verb should be reconstructed as *appania:re. Also according to the DRAE, Spanish apañar means 'to gather, to take; to dress, to garnish (food or clothes); to fix, to repair; to manage (oneself); to wrap up (in clothes)'. Except possibly the last one (labelled as informal), these meanings can't possibly be derived from Latin pannus, but (rather interestingly) some of them would actually match Latin cura:re.

Searching for cognates in Starostin's DBs, I've found these ones:
Dravidian *pan\- 'to do, to work'
Uralic *pane 'to put, to place'
Austric *?PUn 'to gather, to collect' (Austro-Asiatic *b?uan 'to collect', Austronesian *Ri(m)bun 'heap, mound, assemble, to gather to collect', Thai *bu:n\A 'to pile up')